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Some drunk frat looking guy at the bar started to show of his tattoos to a girl he was hitting on and claimed they proved he went to VMI and was an Air Force PJ.

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Tattoo collectors get inked because there is an artist they feel compelled to get work from.A person who has previously developed a keloid after any type of skin injury is not advised to get a tattoo as they are more likely to develop a keloid after having a tattoo.There are many reasons for getting a tattoo, but each person has their own unique reasons.Christians often ask whether there is anything sinful about getting a tattoo.From teenagers to housewives, they are appearing everywhere, even among Christians.There is also a stereotype that people who are addicted to tattoos are addicted to pain.

The first misconception is that people are addicted to the actual tattoo itself and the second is that people are addicted to the process of getting a tattoo.

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However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have statutory laws requiring a person receiving a tattoo be 18 years or older.An area with thinner skin, more sensitive skin or more nerve endings can hurt much more than other areas.Getting a tattoo always involves some risk, but, for a person with psoriasis, the risks can be significant.

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People who get tattoos associated with a family member or pet are the least likely to regret their choice.This article explains those variables to help both diabetics and tattoo artists determine if getting a tattoo is a safe option.

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For some people considering a tattoo, they want to know why people get a tattoo.

Many people shy away from getting inked on the shin due to the associated pain, but this varies from one person to the other.There are also terrible people without tattoos and there are also great people without tattoos.

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In areas where tattooing is not as closely monitored, people are asked to wait for 12 months to give blood after getting a tattoo.A few years ago, I was drinking with some fellow Citadel alumni, a few VMI alumni and a couple of members of the 82nd at a bar in DC.The best thing to do is to go to your doctor and consult with him and see can he give you a written note to give to the tattoo artist.It really depends on the person and the severity of the blood thinner.Getting a tattoo if you take blood thinners will.According to a 2015 Harris poll, nearly one in three Americans (29 percent) have a tattoo — and most people with a tattoo have.

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This tattoo remorse is causing the number of people looking into and pursuing tattoo removal to rise.Answer (1 of 25): This is a difficult question to respond to as it depends on the situation.Getting something written or drawn on you in indelible ink is not a decision that should be made lightly.

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Step 1: Go to a licensed tattoo artist who sterilizes their equipment and uses.

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People may not realize that to get a tattoo, the skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by a tattoo machine.

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Although it is a permanent mark on your body, many people still do it to make the statement that they are unique in some way.

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Watch as Doboy makes the most permanent decision of his life.

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I was getting a tattoo yesterday and asked my tattoo guy this question and he said that the color will just get more saturated and it will shrink a little in size.

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